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I strive to help my clients create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. When you first sign up with me, you will get an in-depth consultation which will help me determine a simple, effective and flexible dietary breakdown for you. It will also allow me to get more information about you so that I can create the perfect workouts to get you moving towards your goals. I limit myself to a finite amount of clients, this ensures you will get my undivided attention when you need it. When you sign up with me, you're not signing up for a personal trainer. You're signing up with a fitness coach who wants to help you develop habits that you can maintain. Take the Introductory Survey by clicking the button below!


A coach will ensure you're doing the exercises safely and correctly. I'll also be holding you accountable every week to help you reach your goals! Many people start off with motivation that fizzles out and dies with time. I'll not only keep you invested with your life and your health, I'll teach you everything you need to know to continue living a happy, healthy life. With me you actually get to learn the whole process instead of just getting a workout once a week and being left in the dark. With your dedication and my expertise I'm confident we can get you the results that you want!


Improving your life in a sustainable way

Building a Foundation

In the first 4 months of the program we focus on breaking any bad habits that you have and we start building towards the goals that you want. If you're an inexperienced lifter this will include joint strengthening, core conditioning and dietary rehabilitation. If you're new to food tracking, this is the time when we improve upon that.

Creating a Habit

The next 4 months will be centered around giving you exactly what you need to continue having results. You will still be building on those habits you created in the first segment to help propel your progress. At this point nutrition will be completely dialed in. The workouts will get gradually harder, and you will be getting some noticeable results by the middle/end of this segment.

Sustaining the Lifestyle

The last 4 months are built around ensuring that you understand how your body works and keeping you on track to crush your goals. During check ins we will also discuss strategies to keep up the progress and lifestyle that you've worked so hard to build. These skills will help you achieve your goals long after our time together is finished.

Take my onboarding survey!

Every potential client will need to take this survey to ensure that they are within my scope of practice. I do not accept clients who I don't feel comfortable training. 


Hey, I'm Jorge. Tell me what you're wonderin' about! Don't worry, I wont keep your email and spam you.

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