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Common Questions

Do you offer meal plans?

No, I do not offer meal plans. I personally find that meal plans restrict people too much. Having somebody telling you what to eat does not teach you how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to suit your goals. My aim is to teach you the knowledge and give you the tools you need to build a healthy life on your own. 

After purchase, when will I receive my program?

On a typical weekday you will get your program within 24 hours, although it's possible it will take up to 3 business days. If you did not take the introductory survey on the "Start Here!" page, then it may take a bit longer as we get everything sorted out. All of my programs are custom built by me, for you. No two programs are the same and there's a lot to consider when building a program, so your patience is extremely appreciated!

How do I know that I'll get the attention I need?

I limit the amount of clients I take on at a time. If I am at my capacity I take down all my pricing plans and introduce a wait list. This is to ensure that my email response times are still maintainable without bringing in an unqualified person to be dealing with my clients. This is a one man show, so limiting my clients also prevents me from getting overwhelmed and burnt out, which in turn gives you the best that I have to offer!

Do you offer in person training?

I currently do not offer in person training outside of the gym I work at. If you'd like to get in person training by me then I recommend stopping by the AnytimeFitness on Mckenzie.

Should I choose Personal Training or Online Coaching?

Honestly, it's a good question and there are benefits to both. A personal trainer will be there in person, training you through the workout. This is very beneficial, however after your hour with them they leave and you're left going the rest of your week with little to no guidance. A personal trainer usually charges $50-$125 for an hour long session. With coaching, you get your workouts given to you, and then it's up to you to perform them. However; the trade off is you get to do them on your own time, and they're planned out well in advance. Not only do you get more workouts per week from coaching, you can also get dietary coaching. Losing weight happens in the kitchen, so if you're seeing a trainer who isn't talking to you about your nutrition, then this is the one area where you can improve most. I do also offer just dietary coaching if you have an in person trainer who you really like, but need to dial in your food. If you're an independent or introverted person and find the thought of having someone stare at you for an hour while you workout to be awkward as hell, then online coaching is an excellent alternative. Lastly, online is far more affordable than in person. Like I said, an hour long session can run you $50-$125, just for ONE workout. When you work with me. you'll get a weeks worth of coaching for $20-$50. 

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