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What to Expect

Personalized Workouts

When you sign up for a program that has personalized workouts you will be receiving a customized workout plan that I personally build around your needs, wants and physical limitations. Depending on your goals you could receive as little as 2 workouts, or as many as 5. These are supplied on a Google Drive Document. The workouts may change as you progress through them, so make sure you check them at least biweekly. Depending on your goals you may get a new workout once a month or once every two months. There may be times when I ask you to record yourself doing an exercise as a sort of assessment. Most common exercises I want to see you doing properly are pushups, squats and deadlifts.

Dietary Coaching

Your plan will include dietary coaching through MyFitnessPal. You will need to have or purchase a food scale (they're cheap, around $15-$20) and start tracking your calories accordingly. Tracking your food is the only way for me to see what you're eating and coach you into making better dietary choices. Doing so will also give you an idea of what foods are beneficial for your goals and make you more independent so when you leave me (Sad) you wont gain back all the weight you worked so hard to lose. Dietary Coaching is not a meal plan, it's where I teach you how to sustain a healthy diet. I also upgrade your caloric intake when needed to ensure you keep hitting your goals.

Posture Analysis / Flexibility Program

If your program has Posture Analysis and Correction then you will need to send in photos of you from the front, back and side in a relaxed pose. These will help me assess your posture so that I can add exercises to your routine to ensure that your posture improves. These initial photos will also serve as your before photos, so make sure that the areas you want to improve on are at least slightly visible. Tight clothing is totally fine! I may send you some stretches to do on top of your exercises to fix your posture, these will be optional to do. If you feel like there is no value or you're not interested, just let me know!

Form Correction

Your program includes Form Correction, anytime you are unsure of an exercise then you will take a video of you performing the exercise and send it to me. This does not have to wait until your weekly check in, it's better to fix your form quickly than to do it wrong for a week. For compound movements (movements that use multiple muscle groups, like the squat) you may need to send a video from the front, back and side. Don't be scared to send in videos of you performing simple exercises like the Biceps Curl either. I'm here to coach, not to judge!


As a coach, I am here to keep you accountable. That is why we will do weekly check-ins. Once a week, I will be sending you a short questionnaire, I may request progress photos, for you to take measurements, a video of a movement, or just information. If you're crushing it, the less in depth these will be. If you're struggling, then these help me dial in exactly what's going on so I can help get you back on track. Again, no judgement here, some people just need some tough love to keep going. Remember, I am not here to coddle you, I'm here to ensure you get results. 

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